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If you are going to conquer siberian taiga, to climb snowy mountain peaks or to walk on Baikal ice you should thoroughly select essential equipment, first-aid set and food. Any travel needs careful preparation. In case of emergency you will have to turn yourselves in.

In this situation the guides are worse to address.
We will help you to safe time for searching transport and food. Also we will help you to select the optimal route, equipment and accomodation. The risk of contingency will be the minimum the possible.


Alexander Zhilinskyi
He is the leader of the organization. He is very energetic person. He likes to stray along untrodden paths. He graduated from the Academy of Physical culture. He took part in winter expeditions along Baikal a lot of times. He feels at home in taiga. His hobby is new interesting places. His dream is a lot of interesting places.


Office workers

Evgenia Sapronova
She is tour guide. She is charged with organizational part of travels. Her hobby is bringing up her children. Her dream is a little pony and GAZ-69.


Marina Lassi
She is a tourist manager. She can find common language with almost every person. She is very responsible, optimistic and cheerful person.


Anton Safin

Anton Safin
He is a computer genius. He is excelled in cast-iron logic and fantastic speed of thinking. He is hereditary traveller. (we advise his homepage: At this moment he dreams about a canoe. All his life is his hobby.

Matvei Polyakov
He was born, attended kindergarten, finished school and graduated from the University. He took diploma in Geology. He went to taiga many times. And now he guides tourists there.

Daria Evstropova
She is incorrigible romantic. She is an artist. She is keen on shamanism. She appears in the nick of time in required place. Her dream is to fly to the rhythm of stars.

 Sergei Artemiev Sergei Artemiev
He is a life-long student of the Geographic faculty. He likes and knows his native land. He can guide to somewhere and guide back. His hobby is weather forecast.


Alexander Semyonov
His work is mountains. Mountains are his life. He is reliable, calm, charming and good-natured person. His education is tourism and social philosophy.

Pavel Ogibalov
His specialization is different jeep-expeditions along Baikal and Mongolia. He can realize the very adventurous idea.

Alexander Oshepkov

Alexander Oshepkov
He is the most serious person of the team. Everything he does is professional: music, poetry, philosophy, photography, computer etc.. .

Alexander Perepechin
His speciality is civil engineer. He is an expert in routs along Buryatia. He is tactful, cautious, orderly person but he is typical sloven. His dream is not to work.

 Evgeny Bessonov

Evgeny Bessonov
He can’t image himself without Baikal because he was born and grew up on it shore in Severobaikalsk town.


Igor Perfiliev
He is permanent director of tourist camping “Iterhei”.
He has iron will under merry and kind exterior. He always knows what he wants.


Top UP

   Anton L. Safin